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Indian Cricket Academy Proudly presents a gateway to your cricket career. Cricket Proficiency test is technology driven platform for talent evaluation, talent hunt & to provide right opportunities to for cricketers and other professionals in cricket to excel in their respective jobs / assignments.

It may prove beneficial as an entry point for many opportunities on various national level & international level cricketing events. CPT is an exam to test the cricketing knowledge for an individual professional. CPT is mandatory for all those aspiring to participate in ICA's camps, special coaching clinics & upcoming trophies.

Your Cricket IQ....

Having a Cricket IQ means a player knowing all aspects of the game of cricket, not just the rules, but also an athlete must cognitively master the intricacies of cricket, its deeper logic and patterns.

This means a high cricket IQ requires cognitive preparation and knowledge as well as practice that refines perception, cognitive processing and muscle memory so that under the split second demands of the sport of cricket, the athletes recognize the pattern.

Hope you have what it takes to become a true athlete in the sport of cricket....

Well here is a platform to prove and enhance yourself to the utmost advance level!

C.P.T examination Scores & certificate ( of Basic, Intermediate, Advance ) are prerequisite as per the level of requirements for Participation in any level of activities through I.C.A like
For Every Cricketer, coach, team manager, club owner/ operator, mentor, umpire, match referee, scorer, sports journalist, commentator, selector, cricket officials, sports video analyst, still photographer & cricket enthusiasts, it is advised to appear for for basic, intermediate and advance level tests & get yourself well acquainted with the working terminologies of cricket.

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